Holy Conversation

Holy Conversation The other day I watched as couple came into the restaurant I was

Born of Water and Spirit

Born of Water and Spirit All of us have a little Nicodemus in us. Wouldn’t

Ash Wednesday: Lent is a Reinforcing Time

Ash Wednesday: Lent is a Reinforcing Time A rebar (short for reinforcing bar) — also known as

A Marathon Race

A Marathon Race The reading from Hebrews 12:29-12:2 continues our journey and exploration of faith. For those with a strong

Stay Ready

Stay Ready. Today’s theme, a lesson in active faith, comes across loud and clear in all three texts on this

Like a Good Neighbor

Like a Good Neighbor The parable of the Good Samaritan found in Luke 10:25-37 that Jesus told the lawyer has been described

Door to Door

Door to Door Could you willingly commit to an evangelism outreach program such as that described by for the 70

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